Trans-Classical/ Post-Prog-Alternative
fiery grooves, soaring melodies, probing ballads & multi-level syncopations that draw from rock, jazz, the Yoruba music of Nigeria, Brazil,
Eastern European Klezmer, Surf music, J-Pop, video games, electronica, hip-hop, vaudeville, European classical and more.


Sounds like: 
SWARMIUS has the freewheeling, restless and generation breaching vibe of artists such as Dead Mau5, Armin van Burren, Sun Ra, Björk, Radio Head & Gershwin.

Since their 2006 debut at Kosovel Hall in Ljubljana, Slovenia, SWARMIUS has performed in venues ranging from concert halls to raves, pushing musical boundaries with original compositions that merge African, Latin, & Middle Eastern “grooves” with rock & hip-hop, inside the harmonic and melodic depths of classical music.

A sonic fusion of Hip-Hop, House-Lounge-Techno meets modern-classical.

SWARMIUS has an international following that includes Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Our Presentation: 
Fluidly blending electronics and virtuosic acoustic performance, SWARMIUS is simultaneously boundary pushing and intimately connected to the music of our times.  The guiding question that informs each of our pieces is “is it possible to create music that thrives in everything from a rave to a classical concert hall and every place in between: street corners & clubs; living rooms and places of worship; grammar schools and college hideaways…. Music that constantly probes who we are and how we are becoming as a culture – that is fun, challenging and stimulating for the mindbody.” No matter the venue, we break the fourth wall and engage our audiences by describing the musical influences and inviting feedback, as well as engaging members of the audience in the performance.

“What Kind Of Music Would Mozart Make If He Were Living On The Beach in So Cal – NOW”


Karen Garcia – soprano
Rudy Giron (Hyacinthus) – counter tenor
Todd Rewoldt (SAXIMUS) – alto saxophone
Ian Buss (Saxitoxin) – tenor saxophone
Daniel Castro – guitars, bass
Geoffrey Burleson (Peripateticus) – Piano
Daniel Pate (Tempus Rhythmicus) – drums & percussion
Joseph Martin Waters (Jozefius) – laptop and composition

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