s w a r m i u s

Dizzying, multi-genre-leaping work — [a] shape-shifting synthesis — simultaneously exotic and familiar, intricate and inviting — should delight listeners with an appetite for edgy aural adventure. -

George Varga, San Diego Union Tribune

It is Moby gone over to a dark side, where Yoko Ono is the Dungeon Master and Brian Eno keeps score. -

Dave Good, The San Diego Reader


SWARMIUS succeeds in producing some of the most dynamic, original and compellingly infectious new music today — SWARMIUS produced a vibrant, highly memorable, gripping and deeply persuasive musical evening."

Geoffrey Burleson, Sequenza 21.com

Greetings, classical surf-punk...welcome to a new beach.

current projects

Two new acoustic singles, "Icicles in Starlight" and "Snowflakes in Starlight," now available for download!! iTunes, amazon.com, CDBaby.com



research & development

Using new electronic gear for live performances! Check it out on our Facebook page.

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SWARMIUS uses HK Portable Audio for live concerts

SAXIMUS performs on Selmer Saxophones